Tamika Quinn, Director

Tamika Quinn is a two-time Stroke Survivor, Author, Veteran, Widow, Mother of 3, Certified John Maxwell Team Speaker, Success Coach, Award Winning Mentor, Founder of G.L.A.M. Girl, Giving Life and Motivation, Inc.™(501c3), Owner of Pink Carpet Glam Girl Spa and Owner of Dream Givers Academy. Tamika has been interviewed by Essence Magazine and Buzzfeed to name a few. She has graced faith based pulpits, corporate training rooms, college campuses and conference stages sharing her expertise, experience, and enthusiasm for helping people get unstuck and move forward in their life, health, business and ministry. 

Her unique gift and ability as a speaker is one of humble beginnings. Born in North Philadelphia, commonly referred to as “the hood” and raised in an environment designed for failure, Tamika is no stranger to adversity. She knows what it feels like to have everything going against your success, yet muster up the strength to FIGHT until you Win! She calls that “Grit”. Tamika inspires people from all walks of life to win no matter the odds stacked against them. She’s always been a fighter and connects people to their potential. 

Tamika is a Survivor and has a special place in her heart for helping women, especially avoid stroke and heart disease. She was active in assisting with getting the Sodium Warning Label Bill passed into law in her hometown of Philadelphia in 2018. She is a National Spokesperson and volunteer Ambassador for the American Heart Association. She currently serves as the American Heart Association’s Chair of the Legislative Policy Committee. Obesity and uncontrolled hypertension were factors in Tamika’s strokes and her focus is educating heart healthiness to women’s and children’s organizations using her Fat Girl 2 Glam Girl™ and Blood Pressure Buster™ programs. The self proclaimed once “fat girl” has lost more than 80lbs and inspires others to make lifestyle changes to get in shape through healthy nutrition choices and exercise. 

During the pandemic, Tamika founded the non profit organization, G.L.A.M. Giving Life and Motivation, Inc. to bring awareness and reduce the numbers of stroke and heart disease in the African American community. She is currently compiling stories of black women who have survived stroke like her in an anthology/documentary called “Black Girl Stroke Magic.

Tamika is the Author of “Change Your Mind, Change Your Bottom Line” and “Change Your Mind, Change Your Waistline”, which are part of a series. Tamika is the Co-Author of “The Woman Behind The Mask” and “Complicated Alliances” 

All can be found on Amazon. Keep up with Tamika online at www.TamikaQuinn.com