“WE are the messengers.”

We must bring together all Americans to celebrate our common bond of freedom. 

All Things Juneteenth

Our Foundation

Chesapeake Juneteenth Foundation, Inc. is the culmination of more than ten years of dedicated hard work and committed passion by myself and a family of volunteers throughout Hampton Roads. Over the years we have recognized the need to reach more people and the opportunity for community growth.  In September 2021, we received our 501 (C)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) as a tax exempt public charity organization.

Since incorporation, we have organized a board of directors, created operating policies, bylaws, and established a 2022 fiscal budget. On June 19, 2021, the Foundation sponsored its inaugural Juneteenth Freedom Celebration  at the Chesapeake Conference Center.  Our organization’s mission is clear and our Board is strategically planning the growth of Juneteenth Freedom Celebration into a major Hampton Roads event.

Our Mission

Bring together all Americans to celebrate our common bond of freedom through unity, recognition, observance, education, and historic preservation of Juneteenth in America, and making of distribution of scholarship as well as supporting mentoring initiatives.

Our Objectives

Objective One

Provide support services, programs and initiatives to teach the meaning and significance of the Juneteenth holiday celebration.

Objective Two

Promote educational and recreational programs to assist students in learning the history of African Americans.

Objective Three

Provide scholarships to qualified and deserving high school students pursuing  higher education at an HBCU.

Please support our mission today.