Rashad E. Lowery, Treasurer

Rashad E. Lowery has witnessed Juneteenth programming for more than a decade by the hands and leadership of his father, Ernest Lowery. As a recipient of years of the educational empowerment of past Junteenth affairs, Rashad has grown to see this now national holiday as a staple for community engagement. 

Rashad currently works as the Campus Life and Community Stewardship Coordinator at The Steward School in Richmond, VA. His role is dedicated to empowering students to engage in service learning, teaching value-based seminars focusing on spirituality and ethics, stewardship, social justice. He also focuses on developing reciprocal organizational partnerships to identify and respond to community needs. Rashad has experience educating in affluent and under-resourced communities, and has also has expertise in non-profit management from previous positions as High School Youth Director and as Youth Pastor for five years. 

Rashad’s 15+ years in education and youth development programming gives him a unique perspective that is especially tailored to prioritize families and young adults. With education being one of the primary values of Juneteenth, he seeks to utilize his position on the board to ensure all programming has creative intention to speak to various generations of the Black Diaspora in Hampton Roads and beyond.